The Best Spas in Dubai

Dubai is a country that is pretty well-known when it comes to spas. It is a city that is all about idyllic luxurious retreats and soothing vibes. You can bask in perfection whenever you want with so many options to nourish and pamper yourself. Apart from Turkish Hammams to traditional Arabian Baths and Iyashi Domes, there are also other alluring therapeutic places that are bound to impress the most specific spa-goers. You are at a great advantage if you live near La Rosa VillaNova Dubai, JBR, and other such residential areas that are not that far from the main city.

If you are looking for a fun place where you can get a relaxing scrub, a facial that can help you unwind, or a soothing full-body massage in Dubai, here are a few spas that you should definitely try.

1)  The Talise Spa

If you want to have a quality me-time, the Talise Spa, which is one of the award-winning spas in Dubai is the place to go. It has a spacious outdoor pool and a scenic view of the ancient Middle East. The entire place has an aesthetic vibe, which can be a true haven for anyone searching for a rejuvenating experience. As it is nestled between tranquil waters and luscious plants, you can enjoy the feeling of roundedness in the most beautiful way possible. The Talise Spa offers massive jacuzzis, private couple suites, sauna steam rooms, Alphas here multi-sensory room, a private yoga studio, delicious but healthy spa cuisine, and about 25 treatment rooms. If you are going in the summers, give the on-beach massage a definite try! It is located in Madinat Jumeirah.

2)  Qua Spa

Qua Spa is one of the most favourite spas for people who are looking for a futuristic spa experience. It is one of a kind place and offers customers beyond expectations experience. The Qua Spa is the first ever to provide infrared treatment aids in cellulite reduction, skin rejuvenation, and weight loss. Here, The Psammo Concept Quartz Bed is the star treatment that has benefited thousands of customers over the years. It is based on a heated quartz granule filled massage bed that helps in relieving tension and anxiety in the body. The Qua Spa is located at Caesars Palace Bluewaters.

3)  Timeless Spa

If you want to take up your wellness game to another level, the Timeless Spa is a perfect choice. It encapsulates the Arabic culture and heritage in the most enchanting way with Bedouin inspired tents from where you can enjoy the scenic view of the golden dunes. The Timeless Spa provides its customers with a chance to experience tranquillity and serenity in the heart of the beautiful Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. If you get the opportunity to visit this spa, get yourself their Wellness In The Dunes day package to spend the most wonderful time of your life getting treated with organic essential oils and traditional rituals of the Middle East and South Asia. Without any doubt, no other place can promise a mesmerising experience like the Timeless Spa. It is located at Al Maha Desert Resort.

4)  Anantara Spa

Anantara Spa is a luxurious hammam, decorated beautifully with antique furniture and a royal ambience. It is the ideal place to start on your journey of rejuvenating. You can enjoy a Thai massage, Ayurvedic Treatment, and a Turkish bath. The experts here use futuristic technology like Microsilk whirlpool and Diamond Microdermabrasion. Other than that, Anantara Spa boasts exotic aroma steam rooms, a liquid sound pool, herbal baths, gemstone steam rooms, bamboo saunas, salt inhalation rooms, and ice caves. If you are looking for something similar to a Middle Eastern touch, get yourself the Arabian Massage. It is located in the Anantara The Palm Resort.

5)  Amara Spa

Located in the private courtyards of Park Hyatt, the Amara spa provides an incomparable experience by treating yourself to natural elements from Arabian teas, treasurable jewels, and other authentic delicacies. It features eight private treatment rooms where couples can enjoy private services as well. Other than that, you can enjoy relaxing saunas, temperature-controlled swimming pools, and steam bath facilities. The services include luxury body massages, soothing facials, and other exclusive rituals that are best to relax your mind and body.


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